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Boy calls his mama by her first name but come up with a nice save! Lol!


Morning’s Beauty

I absolutely, positively, most definitely love waking up early. I am a early bird. Everytime I wake up early I get the chance to see the Morning’s beauty. How awesome is that? The weather is cool and it just puts you in a thankful mood.

I’m so glad to still be in the land of the living. Gods creation is just breath taking. I am reminded of His love for us each time I look at nature. I’m reminded of His peace, love, and joy. Our God is a GOOD God! I stand in “awe”

I woke up

Today, I woke up. I have waken up every other day before this day, but today I woke up. It’s special. The reason it’s so special is because I actually pondered on the fact that I woke up…..which eventually caused me to be thankful. See, it all depends on your perspective. When we wake up everyday we don’t really pay that any attention. We just think it’s apart of our everyday routine, but it’s really not. Now, that you’ve read this….never take waking up each day for granted because someone around the world didn’t.

I’m alone but not lonely. I want friends. I do. I want people in my circle that I can share anything with without being judged. I want people who will ask me “how are you doing” and be prepared for my response. I want to feel like I mean something to someone, ya know? Yes, I know my worth & yes I have accepted who I am. But I still need “someone”, another human being who will agree with me. Even God told Adam that it wasn’t good for man to be alone & that’s why He made Eve. So it’s obvious that we as humans need each other, right? Well, I need someone. Is there anybody out there? Can you hear me?!

I am Who I Am by Jonathan Pulliam
I am who I am
But not who you say
I am who I am
But not who you display
I am who I am
Which I can only say
I am undefined, I am free!
I’m not what statistics say
But I am me!
I am who I am
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